C. Bell - Anaheim, CA

4/2011 - During the purchase of my first home - Irene Falcone was a phenomenal resource. As such, when I realized a short sale was necessary due to changes in my life,  I immediately contacted Falcone and Associates. Irene surpassed herself throughout the sale, making sure the procedure was quick and informative for me. Falcone and Associates made what could have been a painful process simple and left me feeling cared about. Their team has a true customer service mentality and they are my Realtor of choice for all future transactions.

N. Augustine - Mission Viejo, CA
8/2010 - With Falcone & Associates I have a high level of trust that my transaction is handled with integrity and with my best interest at heart.  I've known Frank Falcone for over 7 years and he is a good man that will get your deal done, while others tell you its impossible.

M. Korando - Costa Mesa, CA
4/2010 ....Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You guys are the best!

Craig & Denise - Mission Viejo, CA
1/2010 - I want to thank Falcone & Associates for helping us get our home mortgage refinance worked out with Citibank.  We tried for over 4 months to work with Citibank to resolve our home mortgage situation with them.  After countless calls and emails almost daily, we became frustrated with the run-around we received.  Then we called Falcone & Associates and spoke with Frank Falcone.  He was extremely knowledgeable about working with lenders and reassured us that he would be able to get the job done.  Mr. Falcone would call or email us, sometimes daily to update us on the status and within a couple of weeks our situation was resolved, and we had a new monthly mortgage we were comforatable with.  I would highly recommend Falcone & Associates to friends, family or anyone in need of this service.

AnnaMarie F.  – Stanton, CA
12/2009 - My first meeting with Frank was in 2006, at that time I was a widow with 2 children looking to buy a home and knew of no one to help me with my financing.  I contacted Falcone & Associates gave him my information, and I was able to buy my Condo with ease.

This year, I had other financial issues that needed professional attention.  I called Frank Falcone’s office and spoke with one of his professional staff members and they once again solved my problem.

I have and will continue to recommend Frank and his company to people who are in need of professional, skilled real estate assistance.

Erik K.  – Lake Forest, CA

7/2009 - Due to dramatic changes in my personal finances, I first contacted Frank Falcone for Loss Mitigation Counseling because I was in jeopardy of losing my personal home as well as 4 other investment homes.  My experience with them has been extraordinary!  What I appreciate about Falcone & Associates is their honesty, professionalism, and care.  Their understanding of my family’s fears and anxiety during the negotiating process with the lenders was a huge support to my family.  I cannot say enough about how good it felt to have constant updates from them during the process.  It’s great to see that there is still a business who is interested in going the extra mile for the client, even when they don’t have to!  I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for professional service with a caring approach.